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10 Makeup products I live by

"Happiness is new cosmetics."

Have you ever wanted to start doing makeup, but you don’t know what products to go and buy in the first place? Let me tell you, I’ve been there and it’s difficult. But this informational post will help a lot so you are already 1 step closer to becoming a makeup queen.


I started doing my makeup when I was in my final year of school and my matric-farewell (prom) was later in the year. I wanted to be able to do my makeup like Kim Kardashian, which was literally the look all of the makeup videos featured at that time. I didn’t know where to begin and didn’t even know the difference between a contour or highlight. And primer? Isn’t that used when painting walls?

I slowly started buying inexpensive cosmetics and did my make-up almost every single day which is now almost 4 years! I have tried so many products and I’m ultimately able to say I have found makeup that works and is so easy to use.


10 make-up products I live by:

1. Primer

This Smashbox Primerizer can be bought

from smashbox-selling Woolworths’, Edgars’ or Foschini’s and it costs R545. Alternatively you can buy the travel sized one for R275 to test it out.

This primer is a primer and moisturiser in 1 and it does wonders to all skin types. Whenever my skin is dry and dull I just use 2 pumps of this and my makeup application is flawless. It is rather expensive, but it will last so long because a little really goes a long way! I don’t use this everyday, usually I opt for a day cream for everyday, but if I know my skin needs it or I do full glam makeup I definitely use this as my first step.

2. Foundation

Superstar 24H full coverage foundation. It goes for R185-R200, which is a steal for this quality. You can get it from any Dischem or Clicks.

This foundation is life changing for me. It can definitely be full coverage and with only one pump I can cover my whole face for my everyday work look. It is very smooth and the finish is neither too glowy nor matte. The perfect blend.

3. Concealer

The Revlon Stay Candid concealer is only R130 and lasts a long time. It can be bought from Dischem or Clicks.

This concealer is relatively new and I’m loving it. The formula is so creamy and easy to blend. It does not crease under my eyes and does not dry out. The best part, it only contains good ingredients and protects your face from harmful external factors, like pollution.

4. Contour

These L.A. Girl Velvet Bronze contour sticks retail for R100 at Dischem stores.

Now this may seem intimidating, but trust me it’s the easiest way to get a blended contour. Just use a stippling or flat brush and tap tap tap it under your cheekbones to blend it out. You can even contour your nose and forehead if you’re going crazy. Don’t worry I will show you the stippling brush I use down below.

I use this stippling brush from Real Techniques to blend out my contours and blush. You can get Real Techniques brushes at Clicks.

5. Blush

The L.A. Girl Velvet blush sticks are also at Dischem for only R100.

I use this blush with the same stippling brush as the contour. I just swipe the brush over the stick and tap tap tap it on the apples of my cheeks. It really gives a subtle blush color that brings the contour and concealer flawlessly together. With cream products you will be able to blend more easily than powder products.

6. Highlight

You can get all kinds of highlighters from Revolution at Clicks for only R90!

These highlighters may be inexpensive but they can be literally blinding. So don’t go overboard because people will need sunglasses… just saying.

7. Eyebrows

The Rimmel Brow This Way Pomade pencil can be bought at Dischem or Clicks for R110.

This is such an easy product that delivers. It’s a creamy type of pencil and I can only describe it as oil pastelly ? It keeps stray eyebrow hairs flat whilst simultaneously giving color and shape. You can sharpen it with a wide pencil sharpener.

8. Mascara

You can get the original or waterproof mascara from Maybelline at Dischem or Clicks for only R100.

This mascara is literally a cult favorite on the internet for a reason! It applies very easily and you can build it up so that you have lashes for days! It also stays on the whole day without going clumpy or smudging. I once went to the movies, watched a sad dog movie and balled my eyes out. I then played netball. And afterwards my mascara was still perfectly intact!

9. Setting powder

The Essence stay all day translucent fixing powder can be bought at any Essence selling store for R80.

You really have to put powder over your whole face for it to last all day. And loose powders are the best to prevent a cakey look. Just tap with your brush and lightly tap powder all over you face. If it looks a bit powdery, don’t fear, item 10 is near.

10. Setting spray

This Maybelline lasting fix matte setting spray can be bought at any Maybelline selling store for R170.

This setting spray is so good, I don’t even want to look in MAC or Smashbox’s direction ever again! It really gives a natural glow and makes your make-up stay on all day. I spray this all over my face to fix all my problems and it works.


I use these items religiously everyday and its bittersweet that I’ve found them, because now I don’t have a reason to buy hundreds of different products anymore to “test them out”. Hopefully this will help you to get out and just buy these make-up items with confidence and start with your own makeup journey!

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